Logo Design

Your logo is often the first connection many people will have to your organization. It’s not just a cool looking symbol, but it is a representation of the quality and trustworthiness you bring the people you are trying to reach.

Don’t miss the opportunity to tell your story with design so you
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Why invest in logo design?

Your brand logo design is your first and most important step toward the communication of your visual identity.

Every organization needs a logo. You don't need us to tell you that. Your logo, however, can do a lot to communicate who you are as an organization. Are you relevant in today's world? Are you behind the times? Do you have what it takes to deliver what they need? Your audience is making snap judgments about these things ... sometimes just by looking at your logo.

You need a logo that creates an initial impression that is in line with the excellence of what you provide and begins to communicate the essence of who you are. Your logo certainly can't communicate everything about you, but it can serve as an effective doorway into deeper engagement with your audience. With Logo Design services from ID digital, you'll get a beautiful logo that will stand the test of time. you'll be proud to see it on your website and in all of your materials as it sets the visual direction for the rest of your graphic identity.

Sound Financial Strategies Group

Sound Financial helps people to navigate retirement through providing unique financial planning and investment options. Their logo uses two shades of blue—colors that communicate stability and are consistently used in the financial services realm—along with the simple shapes of a road and a compass. The road and the compass reinforce the concept that SFSG helps people to make a plan of where they want to go in their retirement and then provides strategies to get them there.

Image Optical

Image Optical is a high-end, fashion-forward eye wear retailer. They offer regular eye exams as well as designer frames for both eye glasses and sun glasses.They needed a logo that communicated the elegant sophistication of their brand, something that would appeal to their fashion-conscious audience. The simple “IO” icon mimics an eye chart will the black and white color palette maintains a sense of elegance.

Cobia Compliance

Cobia Compliance specializes in providing comprehensive regulatory compliance services to broker-dealers, investment advisors and hedge funds. Their approach is to really get to know the organization and its personnel at a deep level. By doing so, they offer customized solutions- an important aspect to that differentiates them from their competition. This is captured in the mark, as it represents the process and results of engaging with the firm. The symbol shows two planes floating in space. When the planes come intersect, there is alignment. This alignment indicates compliance and is represented by the dark area where they overlap.

Friends Church

If there’s one word that characterizes Friends Church, it would be holistic. Their mission statement and values reiterate again and again that a life that is impacted by Jesus will be holistically and deeply changed. The circle is a shape that communicates this holistic, all-encompassing approach to understanding, communicating, and experiencing the good news of Jesus. Finally, the hand-drawn feel of the icon brings in a sense of warmth which is a central descriptor of Friends Church.

Brushy Creek

The mission of Brushy Creek Creek Baptist Church is living the Gospel to inspire Upstate families toward a lasting priority. Because the Gospel anchors all they do, the cross in the mark is centered and foundational. The arrows, both large and small, move in but also away from the cross; they are simple but powerful, with value shifts, which communicate movement and transformation. The arrows come together, move, and reach, just as the church moves people and families to reach others to changes their lives.

Tyner Land Solutions

Tyner Land Solutions is an oil and gas company that specializes in acquiring land leases. Tyner’s previous logo was an image of an oil pump, something ubiquitous in the Permian Basin - exactly why it did not stand out. nor did it say anything about the Tyner story. A rebranding process to expand their reach, started with a new logo. The mark is a representation of a blueprint or land drawing showing various parcels and sections. The style simulates a hand-drawn map commonly used in the industry. The natural style connotes approachability and a personalized style. The founders have a land map on their office wall. Each time they contract with a landowner, they shade that plot in yellow. By connecting to this management legacy, the mark serves to inspire the Tyner staff.


Pursuing the truly connected life is at the heart of why Calvary exists—connecting with God through Jesus, each other through relationships, and with their purpose in the world. As a result, the icon is made up of four interlocking Cs representing Calvary, Connecting, Christ, and Community. The cross element conveys their strategy of connecting out, in, and up. The lowercase treatment of the name conveys an informality with a welcoming appeal while the color palette was chosen to communicate a warm and inviting attitude.

Ben Ward

Director of Communications & Innovations Architect | Global Partners

"We love our logo. It matches our mission so well! The collaboration that we felt during the process was one of the most impressive things. We really did all work together as a team and we never would have gotten such a great logo apart from this process."

ID Process: Logo Design

Getting to Know You

The logo process starts with a discovery process. Through phone calls and other research, we get to know you and develop a sense of your personality and essence as an organization. Not only that, but we want to understand your audience, your organizational goals, and what you think is most important to communicate about who you are. All of those things provide direction as we begin the logo design process.

Starting from scratch

ID Process: Logo Design

Starting from Scratch

After the discovery is competed, our creative and brand development team goes to work. We start with a blank page, developing custom logo concepts based not the ideas and information we've gathered about you. These concepts are refined and paired with appropriate fonts through a collaborative process by our team. Before you see anything, our combined expertise has developed several logo concepts that tell your unique story.

Presenting our work

ID Process: Logo Design

Presenting our Work

The initial logo concept presentation usually includes 5-7 different directions. These concepts are shown in black and white initially, ensuring that color preferences don’t sway opinions as well as confirming that each mark can work well without color. Once a direction is chosen by your team, we refine the selected concept through an iterative and collaborative process. The final step is adding color to the logo, to really bring it to life.

Finalizing the details

ID Process: Logo Design

Finalizing the Details

Once the logo and colors are approved, we develop all of the acceptable versions of the logo for ongoing use. For most logos, that means a horizontal treatment, a stacked treatment, and even a treatment that uses just the logo icon by itself. You receive multiple versions of your logo files so that you’re prepared for any and all uses of the logo in the future (color, black & white, reversed, etc.).

Identity. Delivered.

ID Process: Logo Design

Identity. Delivered.

Your logo is the foundation of your brand. But a brand is more than a great logo by itself. Your brand includes every experience someone has with your organization: your complete visual identity, your message, your website, your accessibility. Developing a complete brand that expresses your story is what we do. We can partner with you to complete your verbal and visual identity, developing the complete color palette, defining graphical brand elements, photo treatments, business package (business card, letterhead, envelope design), and other communication tools you may need. With a great logo and a complete and compelling brand, you’ll be positioned for long-term marketing success. Contact us to start a conversation today.

Project. Delivered.

Our team consistently delivers ideas that help you think in new ways and see things from a new perspective. And our ideas aren’t just clever ... they deliver results.