Brand Guidelines provide your team with tools for consistent integration and execution of your brand elements (or identity elements). Have you ever thought about your favorite brands and wondered why you feel connected to them?

In part, it's because they are consistently consistent with how they tell their story. And they adhere to that with the use of a Brand Guideline.

Brand Guidelines

The Brand Identity Guidelines serve as both the toolbox and instruction manual for how to implement your visual and verbal brand. It includes specific definitions of colors, recommended fonts, layout and usage of brand elements, and parameters for different applications. This comprehensive, detailed document answers all of your questions on how to appropriately handle the visual elements that have been developed in the branding process. It also provides a guide for standardization and use of the verbal elements of your brand, such as key messages and tagline.

As an example, a logo must be used only within specific guidelines. Each color in a logo is specifically defined with its Pantone value for consistency in print, online, and video applications. A different version of a logo is developed in a reversed version (the version for use on black or very dark backgrounds). Every allowable usage of the logo is defined and shown in the guidelines (as well as what is NOT allowable). This is just an example of the level of detail used around one specific element of the visual brand—the logo. The same level of care and attention is applied to all of the graphic elements, resulting in a powerful tool for consistent and effective use of your brand.

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