Outsourced Communications

Stop worrying about your church’s communication. You need someone to develop effective strategies and then implement them with excellence on a daily basis.
Good news: that’s exactly what we do.

Strategic Thought Leadership

We understand the challenges unique to week-to-week church communication. And, we’ll navigate those challenges while leveraging our proven expertise to address your specific situation.

5-Star Execution

Our team of writers, designers, and project managers will take ownership of weekly tasks so that things get done with excellence—on time and on budget. We’ll handle it ... no worries.

Great Working Relationships

We use an initial on-site visit to jump-start relational connections and then use video web conferencing to stay in touch throughout the week. You’ll love working with us. We promise.

How We Can Help

You have a great church, but communication execution is holding you back.

In an increasingly digital world, you need more than a weekly bulletin and a website that is rarely updated to connect with people. And it’s hard to find someone who has expertise in all of the different necessary areas—strategic leadership, project management, graphic design, copywriting, social media, and website design, development, and management. What do you do?

Message Management from ID digital is the answer. Message Management is our turnkey outsource solution for handling your church’s communication strategy and execution. Not only do we function as a part of your staff team, creating a communication strategy in collaboration with you, but we handle the execution as well, as much or as little as you need. Our team takes on week-to-week organizational responsibilities, serving as your outsourced communication department.

ID Case Study: The Bayou Church

Engaging the Relationship

We jump-started the relationship with The Bayou Church staff with a multi-day onsite visit. This allowed us to make personal connections and see the church campus as well. After this visit, the church staff embraced us quickly. In addition, we had frequent video calls with different team members to work on specific tasks. Initially, we provided overall leadership to all communications and some limited design work as well.

Building a strategy

ID Case Study: The Bayou Church

Building a Strategy

One of the main initial projects (other than getting all the weekly tasks done!) is to develop an overall communication strategy. In this process, we developed a specific plan to move people into deeper levels of engagement with The Bayou Church, which was something new for them. This allows each communication tactic (weekly bulletin, social media, weekend announcements, etc.) to fit purposefully into a larger plan.

Getting Things Done

ID Case Study: The Bayou Church

Getting Things Done

Right from the start, even before the new communications plan was implemented, we took over day-to-day responsibilities. We provided direction to the existing communications team on a weekly basis (through a weekly meeting and daily contact), connected with ministry leaders to understand specific project details, and worked together to get projects done on time. We became the communications department.

Growing Over Time

ID Case Study: The Bayou Church

Growing Over Time

As The Bayou Church’s needs shifted, onsite staff have been moved to different roles within the church and we expanded our agreement to take over almost all communication tasks. This was a main need expressed by The Bayou initially—they knew they were in a transition period, so working with us gave them immediate scalability without the need to hire and resource additional onsite team members. Whatever comes up, we simply handle it.

Partnership Benefits

ID Digital Team

Full Time Hire

?Less Expensive

20 + Employees

1 Employee


?More Expertise

?More Experience

?Great Working Relationship

?More Efficient

?Low Overhead Costs

?Low Risk

Project. Delivered.

Our team consistently delivers ideas that help you think in new ways and see things from a new perspective. And our ideas aren’t just clever ... they deliver results.