Communicating in today’s landscape of print, web, video, social, and verbal conversations is both complex and confusing. How can you develop a comprehensive strategy and a plan to do it well?

Comprehensive Communication Strategy

Successful organizations have a communication strategy. Successful churches have church growth strategies. It is not surprising that having a strategy is part of what makes them successful. Without one, there can be a drain on resources, fragmented or conflicting messages, and an unclear organizational goal. Your communication mirrors your church. As a part of the Communication Strategy development process, we will identify any organizational factors that are significantly impacting your communication and recommend an appropriate process to address them. The Comprehensive Communication Strategy:

  • Defines your target audience and recommended approach for reaching that target
  • Assures that your messaging is built on the foundation of your organization’s clearly defined overall goals and vision
  • Equips and energized your team around a shared goal
  • Ensures consistency across all media channels - consistency and repetition are essential for building awareness, trust, and credibility for your ministry
  • Develops a process for planning and allocation of resources
  • Gives a clear picture of what can be handled in-house, and what is best left in the hands of communication experts
  • Recommends best tactics to reach your audience, including social media strategies
  • Provides measurable feedback so you can track what is working, and what is not

By proactively managing the perception and reputation of your business, product, or service in the public arena, you take the first step to expanding your ministry.

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