You are investing time and money in an attempt to build your reputation and expand your reach. How do you know if you are using your resources wisely, and what strategies should you be doing to do it better?

Communications Audit

Without a communication strategy, your messaging will be fragmented and the effectiveness be diluted. The first step toward developing a complete church communication strategy is the Communications Audit. Our Communications Audit is an assessment of your organization's expression, execution, and effectiveness of all internal and external communication. We review current practices and provide feedback and recommendations for improving communication and organizational synergy. We deliver simple next-step recommendations that can help communication leaders answer the question, “What am I supposed to do now?” Our Communications Audit helps leaders and communications departments create a plan to simplify communication, and communicate with a clear understanding of the “why” before addressing the “how.”

You may be asking yourself questions like these: Do we even have a strategy? How well is it working? What are we missing on our website? Do our employees understand who we are? How are we doing with social media? Is our messaging clear and consistent? When we speak, do people really understand what we are about? How can we make them want to know more?

ID digital can help you put it all in perspective and create a plan to take your communication to the next level.

Our Communications Audit starts with a baseline assessment of current church growth strategies, including budget allocations and activities, what media are being used and the effectiveness of each. Observations, interviews, and surveys of staff are employed to gauge cultural connectedness. The result is a report that outlines:

  • Philosophy - guiding principles for all communication
  • Audiences - definitions of three high-level audience categories and steps of engagement for each
  • Strategies - diagram of the main communication avenues
  • Priorities - ordering action steps to move forward and improve communication
  • Communications Plan - specific action steps for implementation of recommendations

Stop guessing. Let us help you sort through the questions, and provide some clear direction.

Project. Delivered.

Our team consistently delivers ideas that help you think in new ways and see things from a new perspective. And our ideas aren’t just clever ... they deliver results.