Your Free Content Can Give You Sales Leads On LinkedIn

Courtney Weir, May 4, 2017 Social Media

Using LinkedIn to generate sales leads sounds like a no brainer. Where else are the professionals of the world all gathered in one place with their “work” mode engaged at all times? You have valuable free content to share and people are ready to consume it. Recently LinkedIn released new data that reaffirms the importance of using original, unique, and free content you create to command the attention of potential prospects.

The Research

According to LinkedIn only 12% of professionals are willing to pay for digital content in the next year. This is in contrast with the trend that publishers still use subscription-based content and content paywalls. This statistic is valuable evidence about the power of content marketing. Stepping up your game in terms of offering valuable, free content that solves a key problem for your target audience should be your next course of action to gain powerful leads. Professionals continue to expect to consume information relevant to their professional needs before they are able to give you what you want—their business.

This information is great, but what does this mean for your content marketing efforts? Here are a few key points to remember when it comes to your content on LinkedIn - or anywhere else online.

Find Your Niche Audiences

With technology creating new mediums to release content, content creation is easier than ever. Whether it's through a blog, podcast, video, or free webinar, your content helps you prove your worth and earn trust from potential customers online.

All forms of content should always be created with a specific audience in mind. If you provide actionable advice or tactics, they can immediately use them to achieve their professional goals in their specific industry or niche. This will quickly set you apart from a vast majority of competitors online be engaging with your specific, unique audience.

Context Creates Conversation

Remember, the free content you create and share online is the gateway to new business conversations. Engaging with your audience in real time gives you the context to build business relationships on the platform that lead to sales.

Find your audience by utilizing LinkedIn Search to find a customized list of your ideal prospects who are targeted for your content.

Remember, once you connect with your audience online, it will provide a greater context and relationship with them offline. To truly capture the trust of a lead, you need to pair your content with a personal and trusted relationship.

Content is Transactional

As long as there is high quality, professional content available for free an audience will consume it. Because LinkedIn is such a highly visible, trusted social network for professionals, it’s the best place to build sales leads. Putting your content on LinkedIn allows you to demonstrate your authority and expertise, instead of just claiming it. Your valuable content is like currency to your audience. Once you build up your reputation through your content, they’ll be more willing to give something back to you, hopefully their business. Now is the time to get in on the ground floor and make a name for yourself in your niche on LinkedIn.

The more specific you can be in terms of what types of professionals you target on LinkedIn, the better traction your post will get. Your audience is eager to consume the high-quality, valuable and useful content that only you can uniquely create.