3 Things You Need to Know About Writing Better Content for Your Website

Steve Finkill, April 20, 2017 SEO, Featured

Writing for the digital world is very different from any other writing. That’s especially true in today’s online world where at least half of all digital content is consumed on a mobile device.

So how do you write content that connects with your web audience and drives engagement?

Here are 3 things you need to know in order to write better, more engaging content for your website.

  1. Digital content is scanned, not read.You may not want to believe this if you’re a copywriter, but it’s the truth. That means this is not the time for creativity, it’s the time for brevity. Be direct and clear in your web copy and use tools like bold, bullets, italics, and call-out blocks to grab your audience’s attention.
  2. Headlines are your friend.
    This statement applies to both copywriters and web readers. Since we know web readers are scanning, give them some bolded headlines that tell them what the next couple of paragraphs are going to be about. (And keep your paragraphs short … no more than 4 sentences in a paragraph!)
  3. The call to action is most important.
    For website copy on a normal page of your site, you should have a specific action in mind that you want your audience to take. Whatever that action is, make it clear and state it several times.

If you want to write web content that connects with your audience, you have to adapt to the way they consume content. Keep these three tips in mind and your copy will be more effective in creating engagement with your audience.