The 3 Best Ways To Target Your Facebook Ads

Ashley Chambless, April 13, 2017 Social Media, Featured

If your company has a presence on Facebook, you probably know that you should be using Facebook ads to broaden your audience. But how do you leverage Facebook’s powerful targeting tools to grow your audience … and ultimately, your business? You want your ads to be shown to potential customers, not shown to those who have no interest in what you offer.

IDdigital is here to help you navigate targeting your Facebook ads to the best possible audience for your business! Let’s look at the options available and discover which one might work best for you.

The Basics

First things first. Know your audience. What age and gender are your target customers? Where do they live? Facebook allows you to target certain cities and you can choose a certain mile radius surrounding those cities. This can be especially helpful if your business has multiple locations.

Custom Audiences

Creating a custom audience for your ad is where you can really narrow in on your potential customers. Using the information you are already capturing, like email addresses, you can submit them to Facebook, which will create a secure list so that you can target those people specifically. Or, if your focus is on new customers, you can even exclude the list of people you upload so that your ad isn’t served to people who already like your page.

The Lookalike Audience is one of the most powerful tools in the Facebook ad engine to help you find potential audiences who are most like your current customers. Facebook uses the data from your custom audience (the email addresses you upload, for example) to find other people who share the characteristics of your current audience. (Yes, this is the power of Facebook … but at times it feels a bit creepy.) If your goal is to increase the likes on your Facebook page, creating a Lookalike Audience is the way to go!

Behaviors and Interests

Do you want to target people who have certain hobbies or interests? Facebook makes it easy. You can choose a broad category like “jewelry” or go more specific with “handmade jewelry.” If your target audience is parents of small children, you can choose a very specific age range of children. Facebook also allows you to target your ads based on people’s behavior. A few more options related to people’s Facebook activity are online are travel, mobile device usage, and purchase behavior.

The possibilities to create and target a very specific audience continue to grow. Facebook is always creating more detailed categories and you should definitely take advantage of them! Why serve your ad to people who won’t be interested in it? Spend your advertising dollars wisely by learning more about your customers and how to reach them!